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‘This, then, is Jaschinski’s impressive achievement. In the places where animals are most obviously emasculated and confined, she has found the essential, wonderful strangeness of the hopefully untameable animal spirit. ’ Guardian Newspaper

Book 1

Press release: Britta Jaschinski’s exquisite photographs owe their inspiration to portraiture rather than documentation, creating an atmosphere rather than making a statement. The animals in these photographs have a shadowy, almost enigmatic presence that excites our curiosity and draws us in. Our glimpses of them tend to be partial, fragmentary, from a furry hand gripping an iron bar to dolphins floating just below the surface of a pool. Polar bears stare from a rocky stage, a zebra stands stock still and quiet. All of them have a melancholy dignity, commanding a sense of respect in the viewer that is tinged with unease. Jaschinskis’ involvement and empathy is evident throughout, but she never allows it to intrude instead she has given us an arresting series of pictures and created a hauntingly beautiful book.

Published by Phaidon Press Limited, 1996
133×180mm (5¼×7”), 112pp, 80 duotone photographs
ISBN 0 7148 3472 6